LO-CAT Magnetroller 6102. Blanking die procedures made even easier.

Holding true to the "Simplifying Processes“ premise, LO-CAT SYSTEMS introduces worldwide innovations in blanking dies: for instance, the world’s smallest and fastest magnetic blanking conveyors in order to make blanking die processes even more simple.

As a blanking area service provider and system provider, LO-CAT SYSTEMS continuously strives to optimize its tried and true products and to develop new groundbreaking solutions that use innovative added value to meet individual blanking standards.  Take for instance the type 6102020 pneumatic magnetic blanking conveyors with a nominal length of 145 mm at an overall length of just about 168 mm and a speed of 150m/min.  Or consider the type 6102070 magnetic strip roller with a strip width just about 60 mm and nominal lengths of 250 mm up to 1,050 mm.  It is ideally suited for transporting easily scratched parts.

Those above and still other LO-CAT novelties featuring compactness and performance speed constitute the world masters among blanking conveyors.  For thanks to their sleek design they constitute the optimal solution for narrow spaces and the smallest blanking dies among all casting and steel tools with a limited mounting surface.  The LO-CAT conveyors can also be adjusted for specific use and provide the appropriate solution completely in line with the customer’s needs for scrap recovery, blanking conveyor or overhead transporting of stamping blanks in the tool.


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